What’s hot in the SOL News? Part of the irregular features will be updates on the duo of dining, Madsky and Smudge. Previously our pair of uber geeks have featured in a couple of smash movies, 97% of Leicestershires eateries and the constantly failed to win any awards, especially from Weight Watchers. Despite the success of the Fat Free Movie and Smudge’s Technicolor Ice Cream Boat our duo have always rested on their laurels, usually completely horizontal. In this issue we catch up with where we left off, but you probably don’t care so what the hell. Starting this issue we’ll be blasting out some rants and getting the full works is the driving skills of UK’s drivers. They’re bad, so bad it is beyond belief. And in the future............... Who knows? We may update the site on a regular basis. You may meet Reggie the not so secret millionaire, he’s a star. We have Finger Buffet Critic lurking in the background, waiting to steal your lunch and we have a tastless reminder of skills lurking in these pages. Captain Static will be along from time to time, sharing his wisdom and knowledge so we can all benefit. And just maybe we’ll pay a visit to Mo’s Balti. So please, press on.................. SOL News - Sol News is back, brighter and brasher than ever; hopefully with some updates on a regular basis (more than once in half a decade!) It’s all good fun and hopefully you will laugh and cry in equal measure. I know we do every day. Sterile blankets Made with Xara
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